Please follow these steps, on your solemn path to bravery and fun!

  1. Click here: Download Doodle App (needed for game #1)​

  2. Click here: Add yourself to my phonebook (needed for game #2)​

  3. Have fun!



  1. BLIND ARTIST (Download doodle app in step #2 above)

    1. Find your partner: Player A and Player B.

    2. Player A download a drawing app. 
      Player B  choose a picture by typing the first two letters of your first name in an online search engine. Choose the first picture from the results.

    3. A beat is made until the picture is found and downloads are happening. Raise phone up when done.

    4. Player A and
      Player B stand up and face away from each other.

    5. Player A confirm that you have the drawing app installed, and
      Player B confirm that you have a picture on the phone screen.

    6. Player B without using any specific words that will give the picture away, describe the image on your screen.

    7. Player A   draw the image described.

    8. You have  two (2) minutes.

    9. TIME'S UP!
      Player A show your picture(s).
      *The best representation will be the subject of the next freestyle song.

  2. DEATH WINK (subscribe for text messages to play)

    1. Take out your phone for this game.

    2. Click here and add yourself to the phonebook.

    3. Two people will receive a word texted to them.

    4. The first person will receive the word "detective", and the second person will receive "murderer". If you don't receive a text message, then your default identity will be "victim".

    5. The murderer kills other players with a wink.

    6. Victims “die” when they are winked at. The detective tries to find the murderer. When s/he does so, s/he gets to choose the next freestyle song subject.
      *Play as long as the group enjoys the game.


    1. A "laugh beat" is made.

    2. The best laugh from the audience will be recorded into the loop.

    3. Audience stands in a circle and take turns laughing while looking at the person next to them.

    4. If someone starts laughing out of turn, they are out.
      *The person left at the end of the song is the winner of this simple, fun game.

  4. MUSICAL KNEES (like musical chairs, but with knees)

    1. Everyone stands in a circle around the performer with enough space for each other.

    2. Everyone claps to the beat [in time, please!].

    3. Whenever the music stops, everyone slaps their knees and whoever can’t find their knees in time is out.

    4. They step to the side and dance with the cast away group.
      The last person remaining wins!


    1. Choose a volunteer from the audience. Give them directions to stop moving at any point during the song and turn into a statue.

    2. The rest of the audience must freeze at the position that they are in whenever they see the volunteer standing totally still like a statue (You may only move when the volunteer moves).

    3. The game begins when the volunteer becomes a stature and ends at the end of the song.
      *The fun part of this game is the silly positions people end up frozen in. Show me what you've got!

  6. DON'T DO IT!

    1. One person is chosen to give directions to the audience while the music is being created, such as “stand still,” “hop on one foot,” etc.

    2. The goal of this game is for each audience member to do the opposite of what they are told to do.

    3. If someone fails to do the opposite, they are out.
      *The last player remaining wins this game.

Downloads: LIVE EPK / DJ EPK

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