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  1. Find your partner: Player A and Player B.

  2. Player A download a drawing app here.

  3. Player B Type the first 2 letters of your first name in Google

  4. Player B Describe the first picture under the images tab for Player A to draw out.


The sound of the second hand starts the timer (hint: create "Old Clock Beat").




Player A without using any specific words that will give the picture away, describe the image on your screen. According to studies, the more expressive you are, the more accurate Player B


Player A, studies show that animating just 27% of your muscle fibres in sync to the music while drawing can increase the likeliness of producing a masterpiece.


Player A show your picture(s).


*Chimes freestyle about the picture.


  1. Divid into equal groups.

  2. Each group laughs creatively and passes it along in a clockwise fashion.

  3. Laughing out of turn eliminates your group collectively (team work makes the dream work!)

  4. Last group standing wins a prop.



Try laughing with different emotional expressions to really get under the next group's ribs.

"Laughter protects the heart. Laughter improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood flow, which can help protect you against a heart attack and other cardiovascular problems."



  1. Everybody with a cellphone device, open this colour palette  in another tab (needed for the game).

  2. Choose a "Freeze Master".

  3. During the song creation, The Freeze Master controls the floor.

  4. When the Freeze Master's phone shows red, everyone must freeze in their position.

  5. When you are eliminated, zoom in to yellow in this picture.

  6. Last person standing wins.

Yellow colour status = active
Blue colour status = eliminated

Red colour status = STOP


*The fun part of this game is the silly positions people end up frozen in. Show me what you've got!

The game begins  when the music starts and ends when the music stops.


Please follow these steps, on your solemn path to bravery recover your needed resources!

CLICK to Download Doodle App (needed for game #1)​

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